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Our goal is to fund the lifestyle you want without ever eating into your hard-earned savings.

Thanks in part to dentalcorp and 123 Dentist, practice values have risen to record high values.

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We work with dentists to make the most of their money after they sell their practices.

5 million dollars invested in our dividend platform at the inception of 2013

Dividend Income Amount

$190K to $390.5K

Capital Appreciation

$5M to $8.9M

If you invested $5M in our firm’s dividend platform at the inception of 2013, by the end of 2021, the dividend income from the portfolio would have more than doubled from $190K to $390.6K

And if you lived solely off the dividends, the capital would have appreciated to $8.9M

Illustration of Canadian dentists making the most of their practice sales and accumulated life savings.

Many of the families we work with have been living off of the dividends of their portfolios for years and still have more money today than when they sold their practices.

We see this as the highest level of financial security.

Illustration of a Canadian dentist client who is happy with their dividend stock high performance and retirement income.

Dr. Kevin Roach

“I am singularly impressed that despite our healthy monthly draw, our portfolio has maintained its value and increased yearly over the entire time we worked with the McNulty Group.

Anne and I are enjoying a great retirement and travelling extensively with peace of mind knowing our investment portfolio is well-managed and optimized for our tax situation.”


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Mark McNulty, BA, CFP, CIM

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Our Firm at a Glance

The McNulty Group manages 500 million dollars in savings for the families of 116 Canadian dentists.

30 years of experience. Gain exposure to strategies employed by successful dentists and industry advisors.

Mark McNulty has authored numerous industry publications and 3 books, the most recent The 6 Million Dollar Dentist.

Backed by the resources and financial stewardship of Raymond James, a 23 billion dollar financial institution.

Raymond James is a member of the CIPF ↗ and regulated by IRROC ↗