Practice Transitions,
Tax Planning, and
Investment Management
for Dentists

For 30 years, the McNulty Group has helped hundreds of dentists transition from owning and running a successful practice, to succeed in to retirement.

Today, our team manages $450 million for 114 Canadian families.

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From our Clients

I am singularly impressed that despite our healthy monthly draw, our portfolio has not only maintained its value but has actually increased every year over the entire period we have worked with them.

‐ Dr. Kevin L. Roach

We work for dentists, and their families.
We know what it takes for them to achieve
and sustain financial independence.

Our expertise is in practice transitions, tax planning, investment management and customer service. We weave together these specialties to improve our clients’ success.

$450 million Dentists’ savings currently directed by McNulty Group

Learn how smart dentists sell their practices and win in retirement.

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