The Retirement Paycheque How to create a secure retirement income.

Once you sell your practice how are you going to maintain your cash flow? There is a difference between knowing that you have enough money to retire and actually financing your retirement lifestyle. And you need to be right.  

On average, the wealthiest families we work with spend $15,000 per month, after-tax in retirement and will never outlive their money. Having managed dentists retirement cash flows for decades we know what works and what doesn’t.

The Retirement Paycheque creates a sustainable cash flow that integrates tax planning, government pensions and investment management.

The Retirement Paycheque will:

  1. Determine your readiness to start living off of your savings.
  2. Calculate the optimal mix of taxable and non-taxable income to maximize your savings.
  3. Put tools in place to minimize the swings in the stock market and the effect on your monthly cash flow.

The benefits:

  1. Gain exposure to strategies employed by successful retirees for more than two decades.
  2. Protect against stock market declines affecting your retirement cash flow.
  3. Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that you have reviewed all strategies at your disposal to enhance your retirement income.

Who is it for?

Dentists within five years of retirement or after.

Pricing $1,150

How does it work?

The Retirement Paycheque includes everything you need to optimize your nest egg in retirement.

  1. A Kick-Off Call to familiarize you with the program and identify opportunities unique to you and your family.
  2. Retirement Paycheque Initial Phase design. With expertise in tax planning, retirement planning and portfolio management our team collaborates to create a tax efficient cash flow plan.
  3. A virtual meeting with a partner of McNulty Group to review the first phase of the plan. The goal is to collaborate to identify the right path for you and your family.
  4. The Retirement Paycheque final. With less optimal scenarios eliminated we focus on one path. The final draft allows you to see what direction you should take and provides actionable next steps to achieve it.
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