The Practice Sale Plan When and how to sell your dental practice

If you are a practice owner over the age of 55, you are on a path. You will one day sell your practice. You have an asset that buyers want – your practice. You are also at the most lucrative stage of your career. This creates opportunity.

The Practice Sale Plan is designed to optimize this stage of your career.

The Plan will:

  1. Assess the type of practice sale option that is right for you
  2. Analyze sale alternatives and timing
  3. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in income tax

The benefits:

  1. Remove staff management from your life
  2. Continue doing clinical dentistry if you enjoy it
  3. Freedom to design your day, month and year
  4. Realize the full value of your practice

Who is it for?

Practice owners over the age of 50.  

Pricing $1,150

How does it work?

The Practice Sale Plan includes everything you need to optimize this stage of your career and the value you will get for your practice.

  1. A Kick-Off Call to familiarize you with the program and identify opportunities unique to you and your practice.
  2. Practice Sale Initial Phase design. With expertise in tax planning, retirement planning, practice transition and practice sales, our team collaborates to create a practice and personal retirement plan.
  3. A virtual meeting with a partner of McNulty Group to review the first phase of the plan. The goal is to collaborate to identify the right path for you and your practice.
  4. The Practice Sale Plan final. With less optimal scenarios eliminated, we focus on one path. The final draft allows you to see the direction to take and provides actionable next steps to achieve it.
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