The McNulty Group retirement planning model was developed over a 30-year period by Barry and Mark McNulty. It is based on the insights they gained while working with hundreds of dentists as they managed their practice and personal finances. What’s more, it is a unique and proven process that takes all the professional’s practice and personal resources and translates them into a predictable retirement cash flow.

The Your Number™ Program

There are dental professionals who understand that lead time is necessary if they are to count on a great retirement. With their pro-active attitude, these dentists use the Your Number™ Program, developed by McNulty Group, to build, preserve and manage retirement income.

The program is based on 30 years of experience and combines practice and personal financial planning, practice transition advice, and conservative investment management. In an independent survey conducted in 2012, dentists in the Your Number™ Program gave it a 96% overall satisfaction rating. This top rating makes perfect sense when you think of how rewarding it is to stop waiting and start looking to your future.

01 Plan Design

The retirement spending target

Using conservative assumptions, we forecast a cash flow the assets at McNulty Group can sustain for the rest of your life. We then back-test the cash flow in all economic conditions for 100 years. The result is sustainability.

Lifetime Tax Planning™

We work with your accountant regularly to design, implement and update an income tax plan for the next ten years. It’s important for you as a dentist to look beyond one-year tax deferral strategies, as this may result in a large tax bill when you need the money most. We use a proprietary strategy called Lifetime Tax Planning™ to ensure you receive the optimal, after-tax monthly “paycheque” for the rest of your life from the day you stop practicing.

Investment management

We use a conservative approach to investment management, with our firm managing over $250,000,000 for dentists across Ontario. As retirement approaches, we convert your portfolio from a growth oriented portfolio to a self-funding pension plan. To avoid poor market timing, you should start this process long before retirement.

Modeled after institutionally managed pension funds, we use a Liability Driven Investing approach. The main focus isn’t an arbitrary investment return, but rather an approach that puts your retirement cash flow at the forefront. We use a combination of cash, bonds, stocks, hedge funds and annuities as well as proprietary tools for increasing the probability of maintaining your retirement cash flow in any market, bull or bear.

02 Implementation & Monitoring

Your retirement income plan has many moving parts, and once the plan has been designed it has to be implemented. The proper execution of each strategy is as important as the plan itself. Once the plan has been approved by you, your spouse, and your accountant, we take responsibility for ensuring it gets done.

Quarterly monitoring

We set up quarterly monitoring to ensure things are happening as planned. After all, every plan is dynamic because things change in your life, in tax planning and in investment management.

Setting targets

We set targets for all the key indicators in the retirement income plan.

Revisiting targets

We revisit the targets quarterly so that we can identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls. Others only revisit targets once a year. By quadrupling our monitoring, we put 20 adjustments into your plan over a five year period instead of the traditional five.

03 Repeat

Any long range plan, such as the one designed in step one, is only as good as its assumptions. Taking all new factors into account from a tax perspective, investment, and cash flow perspective, we design a new plan to achieve your retirement cash flow needs once per year. This allows for a regular discussion between you, your spouse, your accountant and our team to help with the process of achieving your plan for the future.

Our Team

Knowing what it takes to help a dentist achieve and sustain financial independence helped us at McNulty Group build a team that can serve the unique needs of our client base.

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